Architect office


The architect office is located on the southern billowy slope of Mecsek mountain inserted between the four-element, staged terraced house and the torteau-like mass of the arrayed garages. On the western (street-traffic) facade wood meadows expand between the longitudinal stone walls.  The pine surface is softened with vertical divisions, the texture systematically being present on the entire building. The site ends in a tiny garden in front of the eastern glass wall. The office looks to the eastern valley and the hill, while the eastern end of the southern compact stone facade converts into wood and glass in a terraced way. The glassed roof and the eastern glass wall together make the main source of light of the office ending in the meeting room. The two separate mass of the building differ in their functions as well. The northern part is a single garage, while the office takes place in the southern tract. The one-spaced, flexible working space is completed with a gallery. The dryly-laid southern wall is decorated with sawn-surfaced, arched stone belts and water-spout-like rainwater collectors. The stone walls are closed with cover stones. The soft-descending lean-to  and the weathering above the redwood used at the cemented holders of the glass roof appears in the interior as well. In this way, the floor, the shelves and the negotiation table form a complete whole together with the office. Beside the predominant grey colours similarly stressed are the white surfaces.

Hasonló munkák

Sarród, Rév-Kócsagvár

The directorship of the National Park chose the parkland clearing of Sarród village at the encounter of Fertő – Hanság at the border of the nature zone as the spot of its hall. Beside the protection of the flora and fauna, the National Park’s conservationist task is the preservation and the conveyance of the historico-cultural […]


For the planning of the new building unit of the János Nagyváthy Agricultural and Medical Specialized Secondary School a tender was called in the year of 1994. The 1st-award winner plan (the work of József Koller and András Köves) had not been realized yet at that time. The process of planning started with a challenge […]


The building   was realized near the beach of the Lake Balaton on a large corner site with valuable, old stand where beside the expectations of the principal the designer had greater freedom. Here this is not the ordering of the geometric cubes to each other, the integration of them that form the building mass […]


The Alexandra publisher, Hungary’s decisive publishing company built its central plant in the industrial area of Pécs city, but on a sloping site with panoramic view. Our task was to create a 15000 m2, multi-storey book distributing depository base suitable for accepting regular truck traffic complemented with a 16-meter-high automatic high depot. Beside the logistic […]