EDU incubator house


The task of our office was to design an incubator house for the companies settled in the new industrial park that had been realized within the framework of the brown-meadow investment by converting the building of the former plant. The major aim of the incubation was to accommodate the novice companies and generate their development with naturally facilitating their cooperation so that after a certain time they are able to become active and dynamic participants of the economic life. This integrative ability is expressed by the so-called new ‘knowledge-horn’ entrance that defines the facade of the building. In the horizontal and vertical section there is a narrowing steel, stone and glass-shaped interim space which has diverse functions from the point of view of the arrival: on the one hand, its main frame elements function as advertising pillars; on the other hand by appearing on the building like a landmark element, it further emphasizes the original, reserved entrance situation.

The sincere brick-architecture, since here we can’t talk about a brick cover as such 51-centimeter-thick concise, small brick walls stand here unplastered that should be preserved by any means even in spite of the more and more severe energetic expectations.

Hasonló munkák


The building   was realized near the beach of the Lake Balaton on a large corner site with valuable, old stand where beside the expectations of the principal the designer had greater freedom. Here this is not the ordering of the geometric cubes to each other, the integration of them that form the building mass […]


The architect office is located on the southern billowy slope of Mecsek mountain inserted between the four-element, staged terraced house and the torteau-like mass of the arrayed garages. On the western (street-traffic) facade wood meadows expand between the longitudinal stone walls.  The pine surface is softened with vertical divisions, the texture systematically being present on […]


The history of the building dates back to the 1960’s when the building was set up in the modernist style characteristic to that era. It was Laszlo Barcsay architect and Laszlo Prohaszka interior designer who planned the hunting lodge with careful meticulosity. In the 1980’s the building have gone through various building and renovation works […]


For the planning of the new building unit of the János Nagyváthy Agricultural and Medical Specialized Secondary School a tender was called in the year of 1994. The 1st-award winner plan (the work of József Koller and András Köves) had not been realized yet at that time. The process of planning started with a challenge […]