The Courthouse of Pest County


The aim of the investment was to reconstruct and enlarge the extant building under the XIV district, Thököly road 97-101 in Budapest in a way that the new building deservedly represent the jurisdiction of a democratic state and provide a modern and aesthetic joint for the three courts.

We chose such a building up which makes the building in the crowded traffic traffic junction appropriate for intense work and expresses the significance of the building originating from its spatial position and function.

The new wings embrace the extant building in a U-shape, while they protect the planned two mast-like fore-buildings toward the Báthori square and the cour d’honneur emerging between them softens the entire building cube.

The closed stone block of the building provides safety, independence for its residents. The outside world intrudes between the irregular lamina drawings. The block-like appearance is compensated by the floatation of the curtain walls and the flora of the roof garden.

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