Villa in the Csortos Gyula Street


The irregularly shaped building site lies under the woodland of the Mecsek mountain of Pécs with a south-western panorama. The building has an environment with a diverse architectural character. Therefore, the designer’s intent was to build a reserved, simple building mass that fits to the facilities of the site and which is closed toward the neighbours while open toward the panorama. The building has reached its final form and interior form after a deliberately lengthy harmonizing process to fit the family’s everyday lifestyle. The interior spaces have been opened toward the garden with the coherent window surfaces, while the interim spaces serve the function of the all-time shading and give protection during the exterior usage.

Hasonló munkák


The villa is located in Pecs on the Western side of the Mecsek Mountain with a great panoramic view. The principal has asked the designer’s opinion well before the purchase of the site. Because of the wonderful natural environment, the main idea of the outline plan was to compose the villa into the scenery by […]


The building unit constituting four houses was built on the densely built sidehill of the valley. The building in fits the character of the environment: the pitched-roofed houses rise above each other set on the steep area parallel with the slope. During the planning process the main goal was to fit the building into the […]