Hunting lodge renovation


The history of the building dates back to the 1960’s when the building was set up in the modernist style characteristic to that era. It was Laszlo Barcsay architect and Laszlo Prohaszka interior designer who planned the hunting lodge with careful meticulosity. In the 1980’s the building have gone through various building and renovation works during which unfortunately the exterior banisters had to be exchanged diverging from the original plans. In the interior the original lightning of the hall was replaced with new lamp frames but the alterations did not change the building’s earlier character significantly. The present renovations were made necessary by the deterioration of the building structures, the entire building engineering and the electric system. In addition to this, some functional changes were also needed. We felt the original architecture of the building essentially valuable; therefore we wished to fit to these elements grapping the sense of modernism and bringing the natural environment into the building together with the new interim spaces making it even more a part of the building.  The designer’s intent was to place the building into a new context making it more interpretable and receptible, and strengthen the appearance of the entire building with the novelties but at the same time prevent the building’s values from any kind of injuries.

Hasonló munkák

Sarród, Rév-Kócsagvár

The directorship of the National Park chose the parkland clearing of Sarród village at the encounter of Fertő – Hanság at the border of the nature zone as the spot of its hall. Beside the protection of the flora and fauna, the National Park’s conservationist task is the preservation and the conveyance of the historico-cultural […]


The task of our office was to design an incubator house for the companies settled in the new industrial park that had been realized within the framework of the brown-meadow investment by converting the building of the former plant. The major aim of the incubation was to accommodate the novice companies and generate their development […]


After its reconstruction, the main entrance of the building has been moved to the northern leading bridge. From there we get to the new, large courtrooms. On the ground floor there is a registrar, a garage and mechanical engineering rooms. With the establishment of ramps free movement has been ensured. The building mass consists of […]


The building   was realized near the beach of the Lake Balaton on a large corner site with valuable, old stand where beside the expectations of the principal the designer had greater freedom. Here this is not the ordering of the geometric cubes to each other, the integration of them that form the building mass […]