The Fertő - Hanság National Park

Sarród, Rév-Kócsagvár

The directorship of the National Park chose the parkland clearing of Sarród village at the encounter of Fertő – Hanság at the border of the nature zone as the spot of its hall. Beside the protection of the flora and fauna, the National Park’s conservationist task is the preservation and the conveyance of the historico-cultural values, which this building tries to exemplify, too. The functional build-up of the building is similarly very complex due to the multivarious activities – official, educational, researching, economic, maintenance and touristic – going on in the building. This justifies the formation of a mass divided into smaller, articulated units which provides opportunity for the execution of the different activities among tranquil, separated circumstances. In the closed space the covered, open foreground continues in a two-level gallery atrium and like the high street of a village, it  embraces the circularly planned assembly room, the village church ( the assembly scene of preaching and education) in a soft arch. In turn, the independent office and accommodating buildings line up like comb-shaped farmhouses, in the neighbouring villages looking into the atrium with their still traceable gables.

Hasonló munkák


For the planning of the new building unit of the János Nagyváthy Agricultural and Medical Specialized Secondary School a tender was called in the year of 1994. The 1st-award winner plan (the work of József Koller and András Köves) had not been realized yet at that time. The process of planning started with a challenge […]


After its reconstruction, the main entrance of the building has been moved to the northern leading bridge. From there we get to the new, large courtrooms. On the ground floor there is a registrar, a garage and mechanical engineering rooms. With the establishment of ramps free movement has been ensured. The building mass consists of […]


The task was the placement and the planning of the High Court of Justice, the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office and the Town Court in the heart of Debrecen, the civic city with 1000-year history. The planning was preceded by a national tender which fit the build-in of the entire Révész-square block to its new program. From […]


The architect office is located on the southern billowy slope of Mecsek mountain inserted between the four-element, staged terraced house and the torteau-like mass of the arrayed garages. On the western (street-traffic) facade wood meadows expand between the longitudinal stone walls.  The pine surface is softened with vertical divisions, the texture systematically being present on […]